Testimonial #1

Mr. Jared F. Brown Mrs. Margie

July 11, 2005

PO BOX 430583


Dear Dra. Vizcarra:

It is difficult to express in a short letter what you have done for me, my family, many friends, and even casual acquaintances that I have sent to you for help.

First of all, I believe I am alive and in much better health today because of you. Nearly 9 years ago, I was so sick with arthritis, fatigue, and systemic pseudomonas, I could hardly function. I had been advised that I needed IV antibiotics. However, with the knowledge of healthy diet and exercise that I had studied and practiced for over 30 years, I felt there was something deeper causing the problems and I knew taking drugs was not the answer.

Over the years various endodontists and dentists had done root canal work on my teeth. But a great doctor friend of mine told me about your skill as a surgeon. He also told me he thought my teeth could be part of my health issues. I have to admit I was skeptical of going to Tijuana, Mexico wondering if I would not just be out my health, but also my teeth.

At my first appointment I watched how meticulously you studied X-rays with a magnifying glass and discovered a hairline crack in a tooth root that was broken over 30 years before. You immediately showed me on the x-ray the extensive infection damage to the bone surrounding the tooth. I couldn’t believe so many dentists over all those years could have missed what was so obvious after you outlined it on the X-ray.

I scheduled surgery the next week and I could write another letter about your standards of using an anesthesiologist and not being in a hurry. The only word to express it is meticulous beyond anything I have ever experienced. Within hours of having this massive infective mess surgically cleaned out, I felt a return of energy and strength that I had not felt in years. I still have some residual of the arthritis but at age 58, I continue to train and lift weights and eat unrefined fresh food as I have done since I was age 20. But now I am stronger and more physically fit than I was in my teens or 20's and I know that you were God=s gift to me.

You have also been a great gift to everyone I have referred to you and all feel you have been instrumental in reclaiming their health. Everyone has improved dramatically and some have been as miraculous as my own experience.

Your knowledge and skill in biologic dentistry are beyond any other dentist I know of, including one I visited previously who wrote a book about it. I would not think of going to another dentist even though I live in Utah. You are a trusted and skilled professional and also a wonderful friend.


May God bless you in your continued practice.