Testimonial #3


November 12 2006

To whom it may concern:

I was diagnosed in April of 2004 with stage two breast cancer. Being natural lifestyle and medicine oriented, I elected to treat my condition through natural medicine rather than the conventional treatments of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. ( I did have a lumpectomy minus lymph node removal about seven months into my own treatment). After much personal research, I decided on the Kelley Program and found a practitioner who would oversee my treatment. Upon our first consultation she asked whether I had any root canals. I had two of them which she required me to have removed as a necessary part of my treatment protocol. She explained the purpose of this which I will not go into here. There is much research available that shows how root canals adversely affect one's health. I was sent to Dr. Vizcarra as the oral surgeon/biological dentist of choice. She is located in Tijuana, Mexico which for the average American would be an inconvenient place to travel to when there are so many oral surgeons and dentists in every town and city in the US. What one eventually finds to be true is that there are only a handful of biological dentists in the U.S. and probably no oral surgeons who embrace this form of holistic dentistry. Few, if any, are trained at the level that Dr. Vizcarra is. She continuously receives advanced training in Germany and has many years of experience under her belt.

My personal experience once I decided to go this route was very positive. There is a hotel on the American side of the border that offers daily door-to door transportation to and from the various doctors' offices and clinics in Tijuana which makes it very convenient. My first day with Dr. Vizcarra was filled with trepidation. I didn't know what to expect. I was dropped off in front of a building her office is in and got on an elevator to get to the third floor. Once off, I walked toward her office down a hallway full of medical offices. She keeps her office locked and so I rang the bell to let the staff know I had arrived and was buzzed in. In a nutshell, her office is very clean and well set up and nicely decorated. Music selected to put one at ease flows through the office space. Dr. Vizcarra sees only one patient at a time so you have her full attention while being treated by her. She is very pleasant and as soon as she starts her work you know you are in very competent hands. I had an array of tests to complete before we could do the surgery. The surgery, itself, went very smoothly. An anesthesiologist was present, as well as Dr. Vizcarra and her assistant. The type of anesthesia used was something from Germany that causes a distortion of time for the patient who is semi-awake as time compresses. I believe the surgery was about five or so hours long but seemed to be only an hour or so to me. I spent the night in a hotel close to the office that night because Dr. Vizcarra didn't want to take a chance on a drive that could disrupt the stitches. My gums healed very nicely though there is predictable occasional phantom sensation in the area. I know that having had the root canals removed has helped my immune function improve tremendously. I waited about two years and went to Dr. Vizcarra at the end of October of this year (2006) to have all of my many amalgams removed. Once again, I stayed at the Best Western in San Ysidro and took the shuttle bus to Tijuana daily for five days. Again, I was extremely pleased with the skill and professionalism of Dr. Vizcarra. I am feeling better and better overall but more specifically notice a big difference in the comfort level of my teeth without the metal and I do notice a positive change in brain function. My memory seems to be much better without the metals.. Every provision for safe removal of mercury amalgams is used during the removal process and safe testing and detoxification of heavy metals is provided for after amalgam removal. I do not know of another person who is both an oral surgeon and a biological dentist. Dr. Vizcarra is truly in a category of her own and I owe her a great deal of thanks for what she has done for me.

Victoria Davis