Testimonial #5


November 22 2006

Thank you for your personalized and excellent care during my visit to you in Tijuana.  Before we came to Mexico,  I must confess to a bit of apprehension regarding the possible quality of care because we have been in a number of foreign countries over the past forty years and have seen and experienced a low standard of medical and dental practice.  However, those negative expectations were dashed the moment we arrived at your office.  Everything was in immaculate order.  The office was spotlessly clean adorned with tasteful artwork and multitudes of degrees and certificates.  It was obvious your professional background was international in scope with years under the mentorship of European dentists.

When I asked your opinion of the necessity for the extractions of my teeth, your explanation was scientifically based in the context of historical research.  The costs were outlined and more than reasonable compared to prices in the United States. 

The procedure itself was highly professional.  During the surgery, you explained what you were doing and why.  When you encountered difficulty, I heard the explanation and was able to relax.  Your explanations of the sedatives, pain medications and antibiotics were reasonable, but more importantly, the medication was effective.

We were also grateful for your special price arrangement with the Hotel Lucerna, a five star hotel, within easy walking distance of your office. 

You were responsive to my needs and questions following the surgery, even after I returned to my home in Aurora, Colorado, U.S.A.  I received prompt and thorough explanations that you forwarded from your pathologist regarding the infections in my teeth as well as the consequences if I had not done the surgery.

Thank you for your commitment to excellence.


J. Kent Hutcheson, Ph.D.