Testimonial #7


My name is Bruno Irde, I am original from Italy . I leave in Los Angels Ca. for the past 20 years.

I am happy to send you a testimonial of my implant procedure and permanent Gold frame work denture exceptionally cosmetic .

I have a large Dental History , I done a lot dental work in Europe and USA.

I was concerned about the security, travel and cleanliness of the complete procedure.

Those concerns were completely cleared up on my first visit for the procedure.

I hade to do a mayor dental work in order to rebuilt my lower jaw whit dental implants. And permanent teeth.

I always been to sensitive to dental material. So I decide to go whit Bicompatible dental material .

When I met Dr. Vizcarra through dear friend from San Diego Ca. I felt very confident the high professionalism and professional service I received was second to none comparing to anything in the USA.  The price of the complete procedure was very reasonable and the follow up service I receive is great with much concern from Dr. Vizcarra .

After 12 months I want to said I am very happy and highly recommend to Dr. Vizcarra , she is exceptional human been and of course a excellent Oral Surgeon , it was a very pleasant experience for me.


Bruno Irde