Testimonial #8


July 8 2004

My name is Nicole, this is the history of my problem before I met Dr. Corinne Vixcarra .

Four years ago in 2000 , I started to have spells for very strange sore throat that no Doctors could cure. Then my tongue on the left side was burning and some groves were showing on it. I realized then that my problem was coming from my teeth: 6 old amalgams fillings, which wore in fact breaking down and leaking . By then I read a few articles about Mercury poisoning . I went to see a dentist and ask him to change those amalgams for composite . He refused to do it and also refused to listen to my story about Mercury fillings. He did not believe in it, or he did not want to talk about . After a while I found Dr. Vizcarra Biological Dentist and Oral Surgeon in Tijuana , willing to change those amalgams under protocol as I.V ascorbic acid and oxygen nasal tip, biocompatible resin/composite , almost right away I felt a relief on my burning tongue. I went to Dr. Novak MD in San Diego who gave me several sessions of detoxification with IV vitamin C, for my sick and also prescribed a CT scan and MRI ( the MRI was recommend by the hospital to be sure of the reading of the CT scan) Both exams showed that I had a bone infections .

Then Dr. Novak sent me to Dr. Vizcarra , she had to reopen the different sites of cavitation surgery made before. She found a lot of infect bone, she reconfirmed also the diagnosis of Osteomyelitis in my jaw bone by biopsy .

Before she made the surgery Dr. Vizcarra prepared me and prescribed Hyper Baric Oxygen Therapy (HOT) clinic located in Tijuana . She prepared by injecting I.V. homeopathic remedies (Germany homeopathic remedies ) before , during and after surgery . She did a wonderful job. I had recently another CT Scan done, which says , there is no evidence now of ongoing Osteomyelitis.

Dr. Vizcarra is a very capable Oral Surgeon and Biological Dentistry who is also a very caring person , and I am happy I was treated by her.


Nicole Lee