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What is intravenous sedation?

For longer more complex visit of surgical procedure my surgical room is equipped with patient monitoring equipment to assure you comfort and safety during surgery and Intravenous Sedation. My M.D. Anesthesiologist provide you Intravenous Sedation .Once you have experienced Intravenous Sedation sleep oral surgery with Mauricio Echeverria M.D. Anesthesiologist and Dra. Corinne Vizcarra Oral Surgeon and Gabriel Flores M.D. Internal Medicine and Cardiologist .

You will never be afraid to go to the oral surgery again. You will be sedated just enough to be unaware of the treatment, as if you were a sleep. You will wake up refreshed, with little or no memory of what was accomplished .Because you are completely comfortable . Intravenous Sedation is the state-of –the –art-technique for the comprehensive control of pain and anxiety in dentistry, Intravenous Sedation uses sedative drugs that are delivered through the blood stream. Intravenous Sedation ‘s superior results make it the method of choice for the treatment of the highly fearful patient and those patient that want to b e very comfortable during treatment . Because of the kinds of drugs used and the method of their delivery, Intravenous Sedation allows the oral surgeon to control the drugs effects precisely. The history of Intravenous Sedation goes back to the 1960’s at the Central Medical Hospital around of the world. Since this time there have been many different drugs and techniques used. With these advancements, the safely record of Intravenous Sedation is continued to improve.My Oral surgical Clinic , has a Mexico permit to perform this procedure , my office have a specially equipped , with emergency equipment and drugs .Dr. Maurcio Echeverria MD Anesthesiologist has been granted conscious sedation license and permits to perform this advanced sedative technique. The office has state-of-art- patient monitoring equipment to assure you comfort and safety during sedation .The office contains more emergency equipment and drugs than required by law and the staff constantly trains to provide the highest level of sedation care possible.


Mauricio Echeverria M.D. Anesthesiologist , Gabriel Flores M.D. Internal Medicine and Dr. Corinne Vizcarra Oral Surgeon , calls IV sedation of the safest of all sedation techniques .“While any sedative technique carries a degree of risk, the drugs and their slow delivery accompanied by modern monitoring equipment make I.V. sedation extremely safe. Complications arising during sedation were less than 0.2% and even those were minor. “ Since our office performs numerous sedation every months, we train constantly to be prepared for any occurrence .Truly a testimonial to the safety of IV sedation . In the majority of surgical cases the assistance of a medical specialist in Anesthesiology is necessary . The Anesthesiologist will insure your comfort, relaxation, tranquility, and pain-free surgery, by Intravenous modern medications. Each moment your vital functions ( heart, lungs, brain, liver and kidneys ) will be monitored. When oral surgery is to be performed, such as surgical cleaned- out of osteitis cavitation areas, extraction of root canal filled teeth, and “wisdom teeth “ the anesthesiologist will administer intravenously a sedative, this is not General Anesthesia , during which the patient is completely asleep, but rather, is sedated, relaxed and comfortable, yet awake, able to respond to verbal requests. The oral surgeon uses an anesthetic ( Local Anesthesia ) only in the location to be operated, the sedated patient feels no discomfort during the application of local anesthetic. During the procedure, the anesthesiologist will closely monitor the condition of the patient including heart rate and function, arterial blood pressure, lung function etc. Upon completion of the procedure, the Anesthesiologist will administer medicine antidotes which may be necessary to counter the sedatives used, thereby allowing the patient to walk from the clinic , home or hotel, with only the help of one individual.

Trans- Operative Homeopathy Protocol
Intravenous Infusion

Ascorbic acid I.V.
Curative properties :Antibiotic, antihistaminic, detoxifying chelating agent

Sanukehl Staph 5x I.V. – Sanum remedies
Curative properties: Homeopathy antibiotic from infection by staphylococci. osteomyelitis, meningitis, otitis, endocarditis.

Sanukehl Strep 5x - I.V. Sanum- Remedies
Curative properties: Homeopathy antibiotic: from infection by streptococcus osteomyelitis, otitis media, myocarditis, polyarthritis,

Notakehl 5x - I.V. Sanum remedies
Curative properties: Homeopathy antibiotic” For bacterial conditioned suppuration, act specifically in all infection caused by streptococci and staphylococci , otitis, neuritis osteomyelitis.

Arthrokehlan “ A “ 6 X I.V. Sanum remedies
Curative properties : Homeopathy antibiotic: isolated from the bacterial flora of human dental granuloma, for bacterial condition.

Echinacea Forte I.V. - Heel remedies
Curative properties: to strengthen the immune system, anti-inflammatory and septic processes

Traumeel I.V. - Heel remedies
Curative properties: Anti- inflammatory, analgesic , anti-edematous, anti-exudative effects

Lymphomyosot I.V. Hell remedies
Curative properties: Improvement of Lymphatic function, to stimulate the drainage or canalization trough the organs of elimination

Galium I.V. Hell remedies
Curative properties:: To activate the immune system , particularly in chronic diseases, detoxifying agent.

Coenzyme comps I.V. Hell remedies:
Curative properties: Anti-inflammatory, to stimulate the enzymatic system particularly in chronic diseases .