Credit Cards NOT Accepted

Please note:

Personal checks, bank drafts or insurance assignments cards are not accepted as forms of payment.


All Dental Treatments, Oral Surgery, Dental Implants treatments, are based upon the patient’s requirements , condition and will be modified depending on the specific dental case.


Cancer Patient's are strongly encouraged to bring a companion under Oral Surgical Procedure . No individual aspect of the treatment is difficult to understand, but the initial learning curve is quite steep due to the many details involved. Experience has shown that a "buddy system" is far more likely than a "solo effort" to result in accurate replication of the treatment when you return to your home.



  • US Citizens Passport or Passport Card
  • Proof of Citizenship (passport, birth certificate or voter registration card for US citizens is fine)
  • The US immigration Department will request all US Citizens to present their US Passport to enter the Unites States.
  • I suggest you take the proper precautions and carry your US Passport with you, during your next appointment and visit in Tijuana B.C. Mexico, and avoid any possible complication.
  • Driver's license and a social security card for ID's
  • Medical records, including current lab reports, discharge summaries, and X-rays. Please bring your medical records and films from all scans, if possible. If you encounter difficulties obtaining the necessary medical records, please do not delay travel. Upon your arrival, we will have you sign a medical release and obtain the records for you.
  • Adequate amounts of your current medications, and personal medical supplies.
  • Stationary, envelopes, and US postage stamps.
  • Personal items and clothing Mexico has quite warm days and cool nights.
  • Cassette Recorder, tapes and batteries.
  • Clock Radio or Travel alarm clock.



Tow days are generally recommended for Oral Surgical Procedure for removal or Root Canal filled teeth, or cleaned-out cavitational lesion , placements of dental Implants, under Intravenous sedation

  • Please arrange to arrive on a weekday if possible.
  • Book your flight to the San Diego International Airport.
  • On your arrival, proceed to the traveler's Aid Desk near your baggage claim area.
  • The Dental Clinic driver will meet you at the Traveler's Aid Desk. Fee is $60 per trip to and from the airport and or the San Diego area. (Driver Arrangement require)

Please Note:

  • Tentatively Schedule a return Home.
  • You could make around 4:00 PM flight out.
  • The day of the last visit, If you leave my clinic at 11:00 AM.
  • 45 minutes is the time required to cross the border to USA
  • 30 minutes is the time required to get to the airport.